[closed] Taxonomy & TaxonomyTerm implementation (naming) is probably incorrect

The definition on the documentation site is correct:

Taxonomy: a categorization that can be used to classify content
Term: a key within the taxonomy

Even the examples make sense:

Actor <- Taxonomy
Bruce Willis <- Term

But the implementation on Hugo seems to be a bit off.

  • The /tags/ page has the .Kind value set to taxonomyTerm
    which should actually be taxonomy
  • The /tags/something/ page has the .Kind value set to taxonomy
    which should actually be taxonomyTerm

ref: [solved] Page kind are swapped for "taxonomy" and "taxonomyTerm"


Same seems to be true when setting output formats from config file.

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It makes more sense if you think of it as “taxonomyTerms”.

Quoting with emphasis:

  • Order the way content associated with a taxonomy term is displayed in a taxonomy list template

  • Order the way the terms for a taxonomy are displayed in a taxonomy terms template

Yes, it’s confusing, but it’s not just a matter of changing .Kind; the template lookup order reflects this as well, with things like layouts/_default/terms.html being for taxonomyTerm. Better to change the documentation than break every Hugo-based site.


It’s not just confusing. It’s wrong! :confused:

At this point, I don’t even know what taxonomyTerm is in this context :joy: Everytime I stumble upon these words my mind just goes blank trying to figure out what Hugo actually means by those – cause. clearly they don’t have their appropriate meaning here.

Maybe there’s a way to do this without breaking every Hugo sites.

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