Citations using MMark

Hi – According to the MMark spec, it should be able to take pandoc style citations, XML reference fragments and create a bibliography. However, am I not able to get this functionality to work in Hugo. I am using version 0.52.

Several things I have observed:

  1. In the HTML output from Hugo, the pandoc citations do appear to be converted into HTML (though without any text inside)
    <a class="cite" href="#csp"></a>
  2. If the XML fragments are wrapped in a div inside the markdown, then they do appear in the output verbatim (though this is not the correct behavior either)
  3. In the Hugo source code on Github, it looks like citations should be enabled (the correct flag is passed to the parser)

Does anyone know why I cannot get this to work?

Also, the link in my OP is for a newer version of mmark than used by Hugo, but the syntax for citations is unchanged.