Check specific Front Matter are defined during build

Hi community,

I wonder if anybody knows a way to check that every page has title defined? Ideally something that can be invoked for every Github PR.

Would like to avoid users updating our website without a valid set of “requirements”.


{{ partial "init.html" . }}


{{ if .IsHome }}
  {{ range where site.Pages "Title" "eq" "" }}
    {{ errorf "Missing title: %s" .File.Path }}
  {{ end }}
{{ end }}

We do the .IsHome check to make sure the check is performed only once per site (language).


A build will still be launched, but it will error out almost immediately and the site won’t be updated. As far as doing this via a Github PR hook, that probably requires some bot integration into the repo to process a PR before merging or something.

This is perfect, and seems to be enough for what I want. We use Render, so every PR gets build and will fail if the property is missing.

I would love for this to be part of the hugo cli so I don’t have to keep my own version of baseof.html. Something in the lines of hugo check pages --attribute-defined="title"

Thank you again!

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