Check location of all generated images?

I am having a weird issue with the total number of processed images. I excluded a related pages partial from one section’s pages and the number of processed images reduced by 1/3. But now the number is back to the original.

Edit: It seems Hugo is creating the same number of images for every page for every image partial I have. I checked the resources folder. Is this usual?

If the processing time is the same either way, I suspect the count in simply wrong, which I don’t care about very much, but should be fixed.

Can you verify processing time? This would mean two builds, removing the resources directory after the first build.

Processing times are very inconsistent in my system. Sometimes as high as 130 seconds or as low as 30 seconds on subsequent builds. The recent one was 94 seconds.

I would prefer if this is fixed. I have tried to diagnose why my build times are slow for months despite–

  1. Having less than 1000 pages and only 1300 images after processing.
  2. Enabling cache in hugo.toml

If you want someone to dig into this, create a minimal example that demonstrates the problem, and make the repository available somewhere.

I don’t think I can replicate the issue on a new example. But I am wondering if the shuffle function can lead to slow builds? Since one partial with shuffle generates images.

Anyway, if the number of processed images is a minor fix, I would welcome it. Because like a week ago, after excluding the partial in one section, the images jumped to 850, but are back to like 1300!

These are 4 subsequent builds (the 3rd one spiked my CPU to 100%)

Built in 109678 ms
Built in 130988 ms
Built in 165839 ms
Built in 97783 ms