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I’m having a real problem with using an image processing partial. I have my template set up to pull my image source from the front matter. Got everything working good, and went to add more content, and it throws a build error as soon as I try to use different images. For example, I have a product page with a featured image. When I add another product, it throws a build error, saying it can’t find the image. I have the two images side by side in the folder, and if I use the image from the first product in the second product, it builds out fine. Cannot seem to lay my eyes on what could be the problem. I’ll post a link to the repo so you can take a look at the code.


Your site builds without errors. Can you post something that doesn’t build?

Ok sorry, I had used the image that was working in the file. I just pushed a change that uses the image that really needs to be there. It fails a build now.

ERROR 2022/04/07 12:24:15 The resource “chateau-garage.jpg” passed to the “Chateau Garage” partial could not be found. See %!s(MISSING)

I don’t see the image in the assets directory.

And your errorf statement is missing an argument. That why you see %!s(MISSING) in the message.


ok now i feel stupid. For some reason I thought I had configured the partial to pull from the uploads folder. apparently it wasn’t working and I never thought about it that the image was also in the assets folder and loading from there. Thanks for your help and sorry about the bother.

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