Changing the width of "about" pages in Academic?

I am using the Academic theme for my site and find the ratio of body text width to the side-panel width is undesirable. I’m trying to find something that can shrink the width of the side-panel to allow for more space for the body text, but I can’t find a file that determines the width of either. Any recommendation for how to do this? For reference, here is the demo Academic site:

Below is a screenshot of what I aim to change. I want the left-hand part containing the author, affiliation, etc. to be narrower and the “Biography” section to take up the additional width.

I have not used Academic so take this w/ a grain of salt. Maybe the css classes applied to the divs in academic…/layouts/partials/widgets/about.html ?

You can override by copying the relevant file to the equivalent path in the root of your project. So, just /layouts/partials/widgets… etc. Looks like it is just using normal bootstrap grid classes.

Best thing is to ask the theme author though I think.

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