Changing the Slug for Pagination URLs in Hugo

Hi everyone,

I want to ask about the slug for pagination URLs in Hugo that follow the pattern page/1, page/2, page/3, and so on.

In my previous CMS, I had problematic URLs and I set up a slug containing “page” to generate an HTTP 410 status.

Of course, this caused the pagination pages to return a 410 status.

What I want to ask is whether we can change “page” to another word like “pages” so that the URLs would be pages/1, pages/2, and so on.

i tried

url = "laman"

on my hugo.toml but it doesn’t work

Thank you.


Can you provide an example of how to modify this in the hugo.toml file? I have tried it, but it seems I am still making configuration errors.

paginatePath = "laman"

like that?

Put it in the root of your configuration, not under a pagination key.

ah now its working

thank you

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