Changing Output formats link for RSS

With the new Output formats, how do you change the link for RSS, so that the main rss feed is http://mydomain/rss?

I have this in my config.toml, but when the site is generated, the main link is still index.xml

baseName = "rss"

What am i doing wrong?


Just testing this, and it works fine for me. Which must mean there is something outside of what you’re showing us, which is hard to tell without seeing it.

My best guess is that you have put the outputFormats definition in the middle of the TOML file. The TOML spec says that only a table (i.e. a map, or a dictionary) can follow another map. The bad thing, which I don’t think we can do much about, is that you don’t get any errors, the values are just dropped.

To test this, move [outputFormats] to the end of your config.toml.

Cheers, but it’s already at the end.

entire config.toml

languageCode = "en-gb"
title = "Liam Blizard's Dev Blog"
baseurl = ""
# Define the number of posts per page
paginate = 5
footnotereturnlinkcontents = "↩"
theme = "hugo-icarus-theme"
disqusShortname = "liamblizard"

  Author = "Liam Blizard"
 bio = "Web Developer working primarily on the .NET platform. "
 location = "London"
 copyright  = "Powered by [Hugo](// Theme by [PPOffice]("
 avatar = "css/images/Liam.jpg"
 logo = "css/images/Liam.jpg"
 date_format = "2006-01-02"

 recent_articles = true
 #categories = true
 tags = true

  # Add your social network accounts to the profile section on the left
 # by entering your username. The links to your account will be
 # created automatically.
 github          = "MrBliz"
 instagram       = "Mr_Bliz"
 twitter         = "LiamBlizard"


baseName = "rss"

I’m using the hugo-icarus-theme, so it may be a problem in there

No, that could be it. If you are sure you are using Hugo >= 0.20 (which would be my other guess), I cannot help you without seeing the full source.

Yep, Hugo 0.2

Full Source is at

I get why the link generated in a template wouldn’t be correct without changing the theme template, but surely that wouldn’t affect a url at ??

Thanks for the help.

Brand new to Hugo so still figuring things out, but i’m very impressed so far!