Change width of left frame with Docsy theme

Good afternoon people. I’m using the “docsy” theme and I’m wanting to change the width of the frame on the left side and I can’t make that change. Is there a specific file that I make this change?

First, override some of the theme files.

mkdir -p layouts/{blog,docs,swagger}
cp themes/docsy/layouts/blog/baseof.html layouts/blog/
cp themes/docsy/layouts/docs/baseof.html layouts/docs
cp themes/docsy/layouts/swagger/baseof.html layouts/swagger

Your directory structure should be:

├── blog/
│   └── baseof.html
├── docs/
│   └── baseof.html
└── swagger/
    └── baseof.html

Then search each of these files for aside elements.

You’ll need to change the col classes of the aside elements and the main element.

And maybe some other things too…