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I don’t use any “partials” file for my layout. So, I only use “list.html” and “single.html” inside my “layouts/_default” folder.

How to change default layout folder to “layouts”, NOT “layouts/_default”?

So it can be accessed through “layouts/list.html” and “layouts/single.html”, NOT “layouts/_default/list.html” or “layouts/_default/single.html”?


Read Hugo’s Template Lookup order.

I have read that doc but it’s all about “layouts/subfolder/list.html” or “layouts/subfolder/single.html”?

Is there a way to use it without “subfolder” such “layouts/_default” or “layouts/section” or “layouts/posts” etc?

So every content can be accessed through “layouts/list.html” and “layouts/single.html”?

I guess you could mount layouts to layouts/_default, see:

See Configure Hugo modules | Hugo

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Thanks. I will check it.

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