Categories proposal

I would like to propose two changes to the categories/posts on this community:

  1. Move posts about themes into the themes category. Lots of posts deal with theme specific questions and that should be marked. There is a theme category - why not use it? There are quite some moderators active here that could move the posts until users start doing it on the creation of posts.

  2. Rename “Support” into “Troubleshooting”. Support somehow implies “free support directly from the developer” to people that don’t get the “free” part in “Apache License”. Renaming it to “troubleshooting” might help to understand and indicate that this is mainly a community of users that are able and willing to help and not the “helpdesk”.

Just my two cents.

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I think that’s a fine idea.

Ah, #themes doesn’t have a description. So I’m fine doing that. It might make it easier for theme authors to track their projects by only paying attention to the one category. We could also start tagging them by theme names once there.

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