Casper2 on Netlify?

Hello people

I’ve read some things on Netlify, and I got that Netlify has a 1 click deploy button for Hugo,
so one can easily make a blog in one simple click. That’s great and amazing.

However, Netlify doesn’t have that kind of integration for Casper Two theme, only for Casper.
This is Netlify’s one click repo for Casper

and This is Hugo’s Casper Two Theme

I’m brand new to this, but gotta say, I’d like to try out Hugo on Netlify with this theme.
So I was wondering, you guys, could someone with more knowledge please up that repo
with Casper Two theme, for the benefit of us users?

no, huh?

You should ask the Casper2 theme author.

You don’t need the ‘one click’ button. It may be best to get things started using that ‘one click’ option with the Casper theme, and then read up on how you can change to a new theme.

would you mind telling me what I’m doing wrong?

Since I got ‘Page not found’ about dozen of times now. :frowning:

Change theme to the name of the directory the theme is in. So in this case hugo-casper-two

it’s still the same error, tho

It looks like netlify isn’t building your site. Does it work on your own machine when you run hugo server? What errors are there in the deploy section of netlify?

if it works on your local machine but not on netlify, did you clone the theme into your local machine or did you submodule it? if you cloned it, it won’t work on netlify. you either have to clone it, get rid of the git files in that theme repo, and then add that whole folder to your main repo and then push that, or you need to add it as a submodule. those are the only ways netlify will use the theme.

I didnt install casper on local machine.
I did clone it. I don’t see any git files in theme repo. Probably deleted them.
How to add anything as a submodule? IDK what that means.

where do I look for errors in netlify?

Well, this isn’t a netlify forum, their support community is over on gitter. But…

When you log into netlify have a look in the Overview tab for your site. If there are problems building your site, you’ll see that in the Production Deploys box (top left of screen).

You should also look at your config.toml file and compare it with the example config file for the casper 2 theme. There are a few configs you need to set before the site will build.


Please have a thorough read of the Hugo Docs particularly the following:

Also check out Netlify’s Docs, they’re pretty extensive.

I’m closing this topic.

P.S. My thanks to everyone who tried to help here but this is getting nowhere.