Can't get "featured_image_alt" value to appear in HTML

Front matter has (e.g.):

featured_image: /images/picture.jpg

featured_image_caption: "Image: ImageSource" # quotation marks to allow colon

featured_image_alt: Alt tag for the featured image

Relevant code in the single.html template is:

{{- if isset .Params "featured_image" }}
  <img src="{{ index .Params "featured_image" }}" class="img-fluid featured-image" alt="{{ index .Params "featured_image_alt" }}">
  {{- if isset .Params "featured_image_caption" }}
    <p class="featured-image-caption">{{ index .Params "featured_image_caption" }}</p>
  {{- end }}
{{- end }}

However, HTML output is not including featured_image_alt:

<img src="/images/picture.jpg" class="img-fluid featured-image" alt="">

…so, obviously, I’m doing something wrong with the featured_image_alt variable. Interestingly enough, I can substitute featured_image_caption (or any other front matter variable) for featured_image_alt and get that variable to appear — just not featured_image_alt.

Suggestions? Help? Thanks, community.

Well, now it works (and, yes, I had tried restarting Hugo Server, but the successful appearance of the variable occurred only after I’d run into another error and had to fix it; somewhere in between my post and then, the variable value began appearing in HTML). No idea what changed. Sorry for the false alarm.