Can't evaluate field variable in type *hugolib.pageState

in /single.html
{{ partial "books/product-header.html" (dict "isProductHeaderLogoWhite" true) }}

here I can’t able to access the {{.isProductHeaderLogoWhite}} in partial file books/product-header.html
{{ if .isProductHeaderLogoWhite }}<h1>{{.isProductHeaderLogoWhite}}</h1>{{end}}

for this I am getting error:
partials/books/product-header.html" at <.isProductHeaderLogoWhite>: can't evaluate field isProductHeaderLogoWhite in type *hugolib.pageState

FYI: I have already used multiple partials with parameters in this repo all them worked fine.
I am calling this partial in multiple single.html files some has the parameter and few don’t

Help pls

Somewhere you are calling the partial like this:

{{ partial "books/product-header.html" . }}

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It seems like you’re having trouble accessing the isProductHeaderLogoWhite field in the books/product-header.html partial. The error suggests that the field can’t be evaluated in the hugolib.pageState type.

To help you better, it would be beneficial to see the code in your books/product-header.html partial and related templates. If possible, please share a link to your project’s public repository so we can understand the context and identify any issues.