Canonical exemplar of the generation of webappmanifest?

on the output-formats page of the hugo documentation, there’s reference to Hugo’s ability to emit webappmanifest content.

yet, if one searches for webmanifest or webappmanifest in the ‘search the docs’ section, no results are found…

I’ve seen some pages on this discourse around webmanifest creation, but nothing canonical, and nothing that seems to be
‘what the community has decided seems to be a decent way of making them’

just a lot of

How would I _ (some various pieces of similar component assembly here)_ …

Without the broader context to put all the pieces together.

I’ve seen a handful of individual solutions for this, but I’m not sure if there’s anything illustrating what can be done with hugo’s native support to generate a webappmanifest asset.

I’m sure I’m just horrible at searching. (although I have looked fairly thoroughly.)

so, distilled,

is there a reference example of generating a full sitemanifest.json asset, complete with the icons subelement?

As to what it should consist of, I found lots of opinion on the internet; much of it conflicting.

After much searching, I found this:

Which seems to me to be a pretty thorough and up to date walk-through of what one needs to put together to have a cohesive iconset…

a sample is here

It uses defined names for icons etc. you must activate it in the config - check the reüo


this looks awesomely helpful as an example starting point! thank you!!!


It would, I think, be cool if this, or something like it, were highlighted more prominently on the docs site…. as I spent quite some time looking for something like this and found no mention of examples or pointers……

thank you for your help!!

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