Cannot display image in my post


I Have question about the insertion of image in post by hugo.
In fact I put the image in the folder static/img, and in the .md file I want to refer to this image,

whoever when I run the server in my local PC the image doesn’t appear.

Does anyone know the solution of this problem ?

Thank you for helping

best regards

How are you inserting the image into the .md file? Can you share your code?

You may want to check the file location referenced in the .md file. Whilst the image is in static/img/ you only need to reference with the img directory: /img/yourfilename.jpg

Thank you for your response,
this is an example of the used file .md. I put the Image in /static/img as png format

# Project title.
title = "XXXXXXXX"

# Project summary to display on homepage.
summary = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit."

Optional image to display on homepage (relative to `static/img/` folder).
image_preview = "portrait.jpg"

# Tags: can be used for filtering projects.
# Example: `tags = ["machine-learning", "deep-learning"]`

# Optional external URL for project (replaces project detail page).
#external_link = ""

# Does the project detail page use math formatting?
math = false

Optional featured image (relative to `static/img/` folder).
#image = "headers/portrait.jpg"


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Do you have a github repo of your site? You have added the markdown correctly for the image, so not sure why it doesn’t show. Have you capitalized any part of the filename?

Not much more I can do without seeing the full repo I am afraid.

If you use the --verbose flag when you run hugo server you might see errors that can give you hints.

A couple of points -

  • the toml has a couple lines that start with “Optional…”, that should probably be commented out.
  • given /static/img/clim.png, the ![Example](/img/clim.png) should indeed work. As @Jonathan_Griffin said, check capitalization, or spelling etc.

Thank you for your reply.
But actually I notice that when the format of the image is *.jpg there is no problem. the problem is when I use the *.png format.

By the way thank you for your help.
Best regards

Ok, just tested the same thing with a png image, and it works with no trouble.

Just in case, I forgot the trailing ) on ![Example](/img/clim.png) when I wrote the above.

The way I went about checking images I looked at the image code in the html in the generated /public folder. More often than not it was just the path spelled wrong way, maybe extension in wrong case or something like that. To test I also experimented with absolute URLs and relative - to locate where /static appears in herarchy. In my case I found it was the root folder so I put all images under static/img.

Also, make sure your png is not called “filename.png.png”. This has happened to me before.