Cannot change defaultContentLang to Chinese (zh)

I have an existing site with around 25 languages. It is working fine. Now, I have a requirement to rehost the same website on another domain while setting the Chinese language as default.

Following is my config.

defaultContentLang: zh
    languageName: 中文
    languageCode: zh
    contentDir: content/v2/zh
    flag: flag-cn
    weight: 1
    languageName: English
    languageCode: en
    contentDir: content/v2
    flag: flag-us
    weight: 2

No matter what I tried, English language is show by default on site homepage. Can anyone please suggest what I am doing wrong? Thanks

Here is my configuration for my site with zh by default:

baseURL = ‘
title = ‘’

defaultContentLanguage = ‘zh’
languageName = ‘中文’
contentDir = ‘content’
weight = 1

languageName = ‘English’
contentDir = ‘content.en’
weight = 2

config.toml github link:

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@sunwei ,
Thank you for your prompt answer. For some reason I was using defaultContentLang which was wrong. Changing it to defaultContentLanguage has fixed my problem. Cheers.

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