Can you make a section view of a content type that isn't a section?


I’m trying to figure out how to create a list view for nested content when the “type” has been changed and I don’t see a section in the documentation about it.

Let’s say I have a content section that’s structured like this…

And I have a layouts folder structured like this…

  • layouts
  • section
    • section.html
    • type
      • single.html
      • list.html
  • index.html

From this setup I can create…

However I can’t seem to figure out how to generate the list.html page for “type” that would create a list view of all the markdown files within the “type” folder in “content”. ex.

What’s weird is when I go to, I don’t get a 404 but it doesn’t load the template I’ve created.

I’m sorry if this question has an obvious answer in the docs but I can’t find it, I would love to figure this out ha.

@ajhogue6 I think that what’s making this difficult for me to answer is that type and section have specific definitions in Hugo. If I’m reading your questions correctly, though, I think what you’re looking for is a list view at the following location:

layouts/section/type.html, although I haven’t tested nested content directories as you currently have your source organized. There is also this section in the current docs:


@rdwatters Hey sorry to confuse with the terminology I was using. Let me try to explain a little better. What I did was give each markdown file within the audi/ folder, a type of audi. In that way, I am trying to basically make a sub-section of audi within cars and I considered that a type whereas, cars would be a section.

Here’s my content folder


what I want to be able to do in my layouts folder is be able to go to and see a view that has all the data from the markdown files within the folder “audi/”.

currently my layouts setup is like this…


from this layouts setup I can go to —> and see everything within that folder, However, I can’t go to and get anything to actually render. I don’t get a 404 message, the only tag that comes in is a <pre> tag.

hopefully that makes more sense? I tried making another layout in layouts/section/audi.html but that didn’t work, again nothing loads and i just get a <pre> tag when I go to

Hmmm. If you want to make a list of content that isn’t necessarily a section and is defined by a parameter/attribute that you define in the front matter of individual content files, I would suggest a taxonomy.

You can define in this in your config.toml file:

  car = "cars"

Then in front matter, just add the make of the car to an array; for example in yaml:

cars: [audi]

You can then create a list view for that will build according to the templating you create at _default/taxonomy.html.

Here is the relevant section of the docs:

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@rdwatters oh niceeee yea that’s exactly what I’m trying to do and sorry to draw this out but I got one more question (if you’d be so kind).

Where would I create this list view? If I were to go the route of making my template in a taxonomies/ folder (ex. taxonomies/audi (or would it be taxonomies/car?)

So far I’ve created a template in taxonomies/audi but I’m not sure about the list view do I just create another folder called audi and then a list.html file within?

Sorry can’t quite figure it out, thank you for the help though!

Look here to see the lookup order Hugo will use to look for the taxonomy template: