Can you force compile to a specific HTML version standard?

I love my vintage computers. Typically I use old tools like NetObjects Fusion or Frontpage 98. I could ssh/telnet into one of my Linux or Unix boxes from a vintage PC and use Hugo with Nano from the command line. And I think that would be cool.

My question though… is there a way to force compile to a specific version of HTML? Preferably HTML 2 or 3? Are there specific themes that would support this? I’m typically running Netscape 4 or IE 5.5.

Yes, I know this is pointless. It’s just retro fun.

You write the html that Hugo outputs. Write your templates with old skool html and Hugo will output that. You can output XHTML if you like. Your starting point should be the _baseOfHtml template.

Old html never dies, the recommendations change but everything that worked back in the day will still work now. If you want to build your layouts with tables, for example, go ahead.

I don’t know of any template that would support this, pretty sure you will have to roll your own.

What about the html produced by goldmark ? I can’t think of an example, but perhaps it chooses tags and conventions too modern for him ?

Now that takes me back. Positioning an entire page with nested tables :slight_smile:

Appreciate the info! Wasn’t 100% sure of how Hugo worked only having just dived into it. Thanks!

Not criticizing, but I don’t see the fun in writing code only you will be able to display correctly :face_with_raised_eyebrow: If you want to emulate the look 'n feel, you could just make a minimalist site and specify things colorspace, encoding and some css properties with different defaults back then.

Oh, sorry if I wasn’t clear. This is for my own personal satisfaction but I expect others to visit.

But the target audience is people with old machines. Sites like and do their best to take modern web feeds and search results and format them into something usable by vintage machines. It is love to offer pages that look and work right from the start.

The vintage computer community is like this generations version of collector cars. People like having the cool machines from their youth they could never afford back then. Fixing them up and using them is fun.

As generally the site content is static html, I was hoping something like Hugo could help. But if that’s not the use case, that’s fine too. I can continue using old tools or doing it by hand in something like BBEdit. Just seeing what’s out there to use.

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hugo can’t help, because you write your own theme/template, you do the work. the goldmark renderer does produce html but it’s perfectly compatible html2 or 3 as far as I know… and in cases some tag have changed (bold or i instead of em and strong ?) simple regexps should do the trick.

Thanks again!