Can you embed a power point in a hugo site?

I have a class project that will be due in a couple of weeks that involves putting a power point I have to make on a website. I already have created a website using Hugo and was wondering how hard it would be to put it on my site?

Does Powerpoint have an option to export to HTML? If it does, you can just drop the HTML straight into the static folder (it won’t necessarily look nice, but it’ll work!). You could also do some tricks with <iframe> tags.

There are also some themes that makes ‘presentation’ style sites from Markdown files -

Maybe try to export the Powerpoint to PDF then embed in a page (maybe using PDF.js?)

There is also a theme called Hugo-Reveal that allows you to create your slides as markdown files.

I found that Google can be a trove full of information sometimes :wink: Googled “embed powerpoint into website” and got this:

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I was looking at google and only found code for HTML. I was hoping there was something using GO or hugo rather than using the HTML. My site is not a theme, and I don’ have time to create another site using a theme. I have never had much luck with them anyhow. I will look at the HTML code then. I saw where it was using it from google drive. Thanks y’all.

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