Can we create a reference link in Rblogdown webpage

Hi all,

In R blogdown webpage, Can we create a reference link so that I only need to change the links in R file. For Example I will create Link1 and Link2 as shown below. So now can we render this Link1 and Link2 in R blogdown .md files, so once I change the links in the below document, the webpage should be rendered. Let say, In Config.toml file (of hugo-universal-theme) there is literally a facebook link. But I do not require this. I should only use this Link1 to render facebook page. Is it possible to achieve this?


I will explain below. In the below .md file (from devcows/hugo-universal-theme), you can see the link for github right? So my question was, can we name as Link1 (see Fiq2). So this Link1 is actually . This reference should be given in other file like shown in Fiq3



Link2 = [](

Hi Experts here. Can anyone please help me in solving this ?

No, not exactly!

More, as:

[hugo releases](1)

And later, where do you want into (- ie: at the bottom -) your MD file:


See: and particularly the section named Links. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. I did not get your question. Where do u want to into?? Not sure what is this

OK, my bad. Surely, I certainly didn’t understand. Sorry for the noise.