Can some one list all node modules

Hi, can some pro here, say what are the modules that are usually required by most hugo themes to build hugo sites other then postcss?

As with all such questions, the answer is, “it depends”. But you are most likely to find these three.


And sometimes tailwindcss if you’re using Tailwind CSS.


These modules may be useful: GitHub - gethugothemes/hugo-modules: 30+ Powerful Hugo Modules Created By Gethugothemes.. For example, they are used by this theme: GitHub - zeon-studio/hugoplate: Hugoplate is a free starter template built with Hugo and TailwindCSS that will save you hours of work..

P.S. I’m not related to those repos.

Yes, very much depends. I’ve never used node modules with Hugo—for me that’s one of the selling points. All you need is one executable, no dependencies.

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I use them for Tailwind CSS only. Otherwise I would be in the same boat.