29 Open source Hugo Modules for the community

Hi Folks ,
I am excited to share we’ve launched 29 Exclusive Hugo Modules. We created these modules to enhance the functionality of our Hugo themes and serve our clients’ projects. This modules saved us a ton of time and effort.

I believe our modules can be a game-changer for other developers looking to create stunning Hugo websites faster and more efficiently.

Check it out - GitHub Repository

If you have any ideas or thoughts on how we can make our modules even better, we would love to hear from you.



Can you tell use more about the technology stack?


  • Vanilla JS or some framework or no JS?
  • Prefer to keep JS to a minimum or use liberally?
  • Likewise, CSS and any framework
  • For CSS, do you use a ‘utility’ framework or more semantics-based CSS?
  • What features of Hugo do you use?
    • Especially things like the JS build stuff, the npm pack etc
    • Extended version of Hugo needed or not?
    • Image processing: Hugo’s or third party, or either?

Would prefer to have that here than digging through the repo for the answers.

Hello @cshoredaniel
Thanks for your interest . As there is almost 29 modules , some of them are mostly js based some of them are third party integration based . In accordion module it is based on js and css other side matomo-analytics is mostly the integration codes from matomo . So I suggest you to check the git repo and you will get a good idea . Also we use the best practices of hugo modules (Hugo Modules | Hugo) .