Can hugo -v be repurposed to show the version instead?

Now that verbose is being deprecated in the coming version?

That doesn’t seem to make much sense and useful, I will vote against it.

  1. There already is hugo version for this.
  2. hugo CLI separates functionalities into sub commands, flags are more like playing the options/configuration role for sub commands.
  3. This change may confuse users migrating from ealier Hugo version.

It is in line with node -v and npm -v. So, whether or not it makes sense is subjective.

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I’m with you on this.

I’d rather rely on the usual CLI flag suspects instead of having to view the help message to determine the correct flag or subcommand.

With docker you can do any of:

docker -v
docker --version
docker version

It’s convenient when help is handled the same way:

myapp -h
myapp --help
myapp help

From a CLI perspective, consistency is nice. Using -v is also just faster.

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whether or not it makes sense is subjective.

That’s true, it’s my subjective opinion.

Using -v is also just faster.

@TheMet4lGod Agree, but I still believe that there is no need to implement an additional flag/approach for an infrequently used functionality, I prefer the way Go CLI does. Anyway, it’s fine to me.

As Joe said, it is good to standardize the flags. I am one of those who tend to use hugo -v only to remember it is hugo version.