Calling different header partials in 'single.html'

I have a very basic question and fairly new to Hugo and unsure of my syntax:

I want to be able to call a different partial (in this case a different header.html) depending on a possible taxonomy (ie a tag or category) but they all exist in one section (ie posts). So far I have this but it doesn’t work.

{{ if in .Params.tags "film" }}{{ partial "header-film.html" . }}{{ end }}
{{ if in .Params.tags "album" }}{{ partial "header-albums.html" . }}{{ end }}

<section id="main">
    {{ .Content }}

{{ partial "footer.html" . }}

In my actual .md files I have something like this

title = "This is my title for an album"
draft = true
date = "2017-01-02T14:42:03+11:00"
tags = "album"


title = "This is my title for a film"
draft = true
date = "2017-01-02T14:42:03+11:00"
tags = "film" 


Apologies if this is very 101. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think that if the tags = “film” (is a string) it is necessary to write {{ if eq .Params.tags “film” }}

If the tags = [“film”] (is an array) it is necessary to write {{ if in .Params.tags “film” }}