Call shortcut from shortcode


I have got a shortcut “pubref” (with one parameter). If I run it from a markdown file, everything works fine. Now I create a new shortcut “publist” which should call my pubref shortcut:

{{ range ... }}
    <li>{{< pubref .id >}}
{{ end }}

But the {{< >}} does not work in another shortcut file. So how can I call a shortcut from another shortcut


It is called shortcodes.

The construction you try isn’t possible. Shortcodes is only available in content files. You may look into nested shortcodes.

Thanks for your answer and sorry for my wrong “spelling”.

The problem is the inner shortcode contains the layout, but in my page I would like to use both shortcodes, but I don’t want to duplicate the format structure. the “pubref” shortcode returns a full formated HTML structure, but the outer shortcode reads some elements with a filter range from a webservice and should pass the elements to the inner, so that all elements get equal format structure.

My problem is, that both shortcodes pubref and publist has got some parameters and I don’t want to duplicate the format structure. But I don’t understand the nested shortcodes in detail, so I think a nested shortcode can be used with a markdown structure, but at my structure I need this on the HTML generation.
Did you have got any idea to create a solution for the problem?


I guess you could call partials (partial is just a template func) from a shortcode.