Breadcrumb not working properly

Inside blog code implemented (home page and seperate blog page).
I want a backslash(/) after home and url name in last
Like: Home/blog/complete guide to ecommerce app development

I’m not sure what you are wanting to show… when I view the page I see the output you want…


Are you talking about the blog page home??? In which case I would remove the {{ partial "breadcrumb.html" . }} on line 3 from the Layouts>blog>list.html

Don’t know if this helps or not

Not working.

Do you have the latest version of hugo installed?? I know when I pulled the repo of your site it wouldn’t compile… Is that the issue???

the breadcrumbs look right… unless you provide more information I can not try to help.

No hugo version v0.57.2-A849CB2D

Breadcrumbs last navigation i want our url name. right now it comes our title.
when i go back i want like this Home/blog

Thank you everyone.

Now it’s working fine

{{ $url := replace .Permalink ( printf "%s" .Site.BaseURL) "" }} {{ $.Scratch.Add "path" .Site.BaseURL }}
  • Home
  • {{ range $index, $element := split $url "/" }} {{ $.Scratch.Add "path" $element }} {{ if ne $element "" }}
  •   >  {{ . }}
  • {{ $.Scratch.Add "path" "/" }} {{ end }} {{ end }}

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