Branch or tags information in enableGitInfo

Does anyone else knows how we can get branch or tags information from enableGitInfo ? I guess this would need to be contributed, since i don’t see any ways

It’s not possible to get branch info… but you do get the commit hash. The branch references are not permanent, while the commit references are. Also, a commit could easily be present in more than one branch.

I think the same problem arises here too. One commit could have multiple tags. So git wouldn’t know which tag you meant to retrieve.

that’s the thing I generate documentation for different branches and i’d like to show the branch the documentation is targetttng…

be it on a tags or on a branch…

(by the way, great emacs package, thanks for this!)

Do you checkout a branch, then build the site?

yes, i mean cloudfare does it for me, i did start to implement a sed command to change a params from

 git --no-pager tag/branch --points-at HEAD| head -1

and have my footer reuse conditionally that params to display the version.

but this is a bit hacky :slight_smile: