Bootstrap V4 Blog CSS not rendering

I am relatively new to Hugo. Hopefully there is a quick fix to the following issue:
I cloned to the theme directory. I copied the config file and placed it in the website’s parent folder. I also copied the content from the ‘examplesite’ folder into the main theme folder.

I ran the Hugo Server to generate the website on localhost:1313. It is showing HTML only. No CSS. Website below:

Please help!!!

The theme works fine.

the problems is from your themes/hugo-theme-bootstrap4-blog/static. Make sure you clone all the file

it should be like this

├── css
    ├── cookieconsent.min.css
    └── style.css

Thanks for your response. I’m confused by your response. I feel your solution is exactly what’s already there.

When you look at your site’s html source, what do you see? The css is being called like this:

If it cannot find the css, it’s usually a path issue.

I’m not sure whats wrong with css in your project, but it rendered prefectly after replace style.css in your project with fresh style.css from the original theme.

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