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Hello all,

I have a website here: LogicalErzor's Website | LogicalErzor's Website where I used to be able to see all my blog posts. However, around a week or so ago, the /blog section of my website syncs with my landing page. I found that strange, ran hugo serve on my local machine, and all my blogposts were up in /blog. It’s just when it’s deployed on Codeberg that the behavior doesn’t match my local machine.

The strange part is that when I copy all my blogposts from content/blog to content/recipes, all of my blog posts appear in /recipes and /blog is still synced with the landing page. I have no clue how to debug this or if this is a problem with Hugo or Codeberg.

Here are the Hugo files: LogicalErzor/Website_Builder: Using Hugo to build my website now. This is where I keep it -
Here is the generated HTML/CSS code that is displayed: It is the pages repository in Codeberg. Seems like I can only have 2 links in this post as I’m a new user. You can also click the link at the bottom of my website to be taken there

Thanks in advance for the help

It seems to be a deployment platform issue.
The Hugo site deploys fine on other platforms as here using Cloudflare pages.

Thanks for confirming. I have made an issue on Codeberg: #1546 - Blog posts not appearing in blog tab - Codeberg/Community -

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