Blog author archive

I have a multiple author blog that I want to have author specific blog post archive pages for. I’m able to do this with taxonomies, it feels slightly unintuitive but that’s fine cause it works. The real issue i have is that I’d like to customize the URL. Currently it defaults to /author/joe-schmoe/. I’d like it to be a sub-directoy of the blog so /blog/author/joe-schmoe/.


  author: "author"


└── layouts
    └── taxonomy
        └── author.html

I’ve had the exact same questions, and I’m heading down two paths:

  1. I submitted a PR that is looking to add built in author support on the same level as taxonomies. Part of that will include built in user archives. I’m hoping that we can get this finalized for .13

  2. I asked a similar question here - Essentially we’re both looking for section level taxonomies, with the additional functionality of being able to customize the output url. I haven’t done as much investigating here, but plan to once these other items I’m working on are solidified. That probably isn’t very helpful in the short term.

Nice! Short term what i have works and thats good enough. Just wanted to make sure i wasn’t missing something and to put it on a long term map.