Blackfriday extensionmask content heading ids

I have issue when using blackfriday’s extensionmask.
Here is my config in config.toml

     extensionmask = ["autoHeaderIds"]

But, content headers generate autoid “toc_0” for html…
Please let me know kindly what I am wrong.

It should be extensionsmask not extensionmask.

So your headings have id="toc_0", etc. – did you want them to have no id at all?

There is likely a better way to handle this, but if you wanted no id at all, you could do this in your templates:

{{ $pattern := " id=\"toc_.+\"" }}
{{ $replacement := "" }}
{{ $content := replaceRE $pattern $replacement .Content }}
{{ $content | safeHTML }}
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Thanks zwbetz