Big hugo site with multiple authors sharing the same name

I want to build a big hugo site with multiple authors (more than 10,000 authors). Each author has unique ID but some could have the same name. All the articles I saw are only using name to distinguish authors. Is it possible for hugo to have both author id and author display name?



author = "authors"


title = "Murder on the Orient Express"
date = 2021-03-14T09:57:45-07:00
draft = false
authors = ["00001"]


title = "Agatha Christie"
date = 2021-03-14T09:49:27-07:00
draft = false

EDIT: Pluralized “author” to “authors” because some books/articles have multiple authors.

Thanks for the code! Together with some other changes such as

{{ $author := index .Site.Data.authors }}
{{ $ }}

It works now. Hugo is excellent!

Ref: Manage Multiple Authors On A Static Blog Created With Hugo

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