Best ways to add code references to Hugo-based documentations

Hi everyone,

I started using Hugo to document some projects last year. For this case, I tried to generate Markdown pages that contain code references for the source code of these projects. Sometimes the result looked quite well, and sometimes the result was more or less useless. What tools or ways do you use to generate code references? How do you integrate them to your Hugo pages? For big projects Hugo gets extremely slow, did you find good approaches to deal with big code projects?

I am working with C++, C# and TypeScript.


Your questions are so general and unspecific that it’s near impossible to give anything but general answers: use code blocks and no, Hugo is not necessarily “slow” with “large” projects.

If you provide more details like how you’re rendering code references, how they look good or unusable, what “large” and “slow” mean in numbers you might get better answers.