Best way to include a github project docs inside a Hugo site

Hello all, newbie question below.
We are building a Hugo base site for an open source project
As part (not all) of the site, I want to include HTML rendering of the project /doc directory (Markdown files).
What is the right way to do so?

I started by creating a git submodule for the opensource project under the Hugo, but I’m not sure what I should do next. What should I change in config.toml to include the submodule in the build?
Should/can I use a different theme for the submodule


Similar topic is discussed in an old thread here

You mean you want to include a pre-rendered set of files? Or, do you mean you want Hugo to render the markdown files into HTML.

If you already have HTML, you can put them under static and link to it from the site however you need.

If you want to have Hugo render them, then, this is untested but I would say you could pull a git submodule into content like content/docs. Their frontmatter would need to be compatible.

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