Best Practices for home index

I’ve been looking around for the best way to identify a site’s home index using a theme. I’ve seen solutions via iterating through pages and checking types. I’ve also seen the isHome function in 0.15 ( a page about it being undocumented - not sure if it still is). I’m also seen solutions using permalinks.

Since there are a lot of ways and there’s been a lot of great change, I’d appreciate suggestion(s) for identifying and theming the home. I assume that the home content file belongs in /content/index.html and a style’s respective wrapper would ideally be in /themes/THEMENAME/index.html, though I realize Hugo will check in multiple locations until it finds something.

Any feedback, recommendations would be fantastic. Thanks!

IsHome is the way to go.

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Awesome! Does the content file belong in the root of “/content”? In the project root. Somewhere else?