Best gallery for a large image directory?

I’m using the Blackburn theme, and I need a gallery which can display a directory of images. I’ve tried hugo-easy-gallery but that doesn’t seem to work so well: (a) the thumbnails are rectangular, not square, (b) some of the thumbnails have the wrong orientation (although the images, when clicked, are correct), ( c) not all of the directory is shown: the gallery seems to show the first 30 or so images and then just gives up.

So I need a gallery which satisfies:

  1. Square thumbnails
  2. Correct orientation of thumbnails
  3. Entire directory shown
  4. Plays nicely with Blackburn theme.

Is there such a beast? I’m using Hugo 0.49. Many thanks!

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Maybe it’s not the best for your needs, but I have shared a quick way to implement the PhotoSwipe gallery using page resources and shortcodes: Adding a photoswipe gallery as a shortcode using Page.Resources