Bep is taking a Hugo Pause


As Steve (@spf13) hasn’t really been active supporting Hugo and its side projects lately, some big pull requests with features from me and others have piled up waiting for him to take a look at them. In addition, we are long over due for a 0.16.1 bug release (my bugs so my fault …).

Steve has good reasons for his absence, but in practice this means that me doing more work on Hugo now will just add to that pile of a back log and just create merge work for myself. This means I will also not merge other people’s work and leave it to others to answer questions on this forum.

So I will log off (not really) and do other stuff for a while. Have fun!

Understandable. You’ve done a ton of working keeping Hugo moving forward. Just make sure you come back after the pause!

I’ll try to pick up the slack until the log jam is cleared.

Understood @bep, but if @spf13 is not currently able to commit to development (no offence Steve!), why are you not made a Git Collaborator, which would enable you to move things forward during Steve’s absence?
Surely your expertise and project direction has been proven, and it’s is a shame that such a great project should stagnate, when it’s momentum could so easily be kept running until Steve has time to pick this up again…


Dang, I’m starting to come back around at just the wrong time. :frowning:

I am, but that is besides the point.

If you take 53 commit large Multilingual branch as an example:

A lot of work, and I’m using it for my personal projects, but I would be a major GitHub Idiot it I went ahead and merged this big a change without a review and heads up from @spf13.

This was meant as an informational post, so I’m closing this thread now.