Behold, BitBanged, my fully static blog made with Hugo

This is my blog which I’ve developed using Hugo. Please have a look at it and tell me how it is.


Very nice & clean!

How did you implement “search” feature?

I implemented custom support for Algolia using foundation framework.

Thanks! However, considering how much I pay for the hosting itself, Algolia’s pricing is a bit too much for my taste - someone replied here earlier that “…that 65k searches sound like a lot, but it’s really not due to how Algolia measures searches.” :frowning:

If your website is famous and well-visited enough to have more than 2000 searches per day it’s time to rethink that “I want it all for free” approach and you will have no problems getting funds for that. “Just” use a library that does the searching for you and can be “plugged” into various search engine providers. All these libraries need is to know the format that the search result comes in.

In my personal experience (low visitors, nearly no searches) Algolia counts a search as one searchterm until you stopped typing for some seconds. So if you are a slow typer and type “Bra” - a result comes back - you type “sil” another result comes in, it is counted as one single search.

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Well, it is about non-profit & my private sites (not bringing any revenue) and, afaict, 2000 searches per day would mean 2*30 units per month or $60/mo which is, imho, a bit too much just for the search - that’s why i’m looking at some other options.

That would be ideal!

So, if it’s not a secret, how much does that cost you per month?

First of all, I thought the free tier has 65k searches included. It’s only 10k, that is not really much. And I don’t pay anything for it, because I am under 10k searches per month. They word it “10 units” but a unit is 1000 searches. And I have the feeling they have some kind of mechanism going that tracks who is searching how and what. I often search multiple times for the same term to test my search and see it only accounted once.

That would be ideal!

Have a look at lunr.js and solr.js.

Considering that I’m using PHP for (Matomo) analytics, I did some research and found two PHP-based engines…one is (free) Sphider and another is (non-free, although GPL)Sphider-plus, so I’ll try to integrate one of those…