baseURL doesn't appear to be getting assigned

NOTE: I put spaces in the URLs on purpose since I’m a new poster to the forums.

I’ve got a site current @ https:// It used to be http:// but we’ve since started a rebranding. Currently I have baseURL set to https:// www. pelo. tech as you can see here:

languageCode = "en-us"
title = "Pelo Tech"
baseURL = ""
theme = "blank"
copyright = "Copyright (c) 2017, Pelo Tech; all rights reserved."
canonifyurls = true
paginate = 4
author = "Adron Hall"

disqusShortname = "xxxxxx"
googleAnalytics = "UA-96181824-1"

  pages = "/:slug/"

  Github        = "PelotonTechIO"
  Mail          = ""
  Twitter       = "PelotonTechio"
  LinkedIn      = "company-beta/17886235/"
  Youtube       = ""

    name = "ABOUT"
    weight = -120
    identifier = "about"
    url = "/about/"

I’m curious why this is happening. I’ve changed other settings and they take effect, but the baseURL doesn’t appear to be changing, as all redirections are still to pelotontech. io instead of www. pelo. tech. However, at the same time navigating to any URL by switching the pelotontech. io URL to www. pelo. tech manually works perfectly fine.

Any thoughts or other ideas on how I could test this? Where else might baseURL be overridden?

Thanks All!

I can see that your site is available under the above URL but your menu links (about & blog) point to

What does your menu partial look like? If the links are hard coded then changing the baseURL will have no effect.

Also that is how you configure the baseURL. There is no other way.

How are you serving this? Can we see the source repo?

And I agree with @alexandros

Thanks for checking out the issues all. It appears there was an environment variable overriding the config.toml setting for the domain URI that I wasn’t aware of. We got it taken care of and now the site is redirected accordingly.