Bad markdown processing for email-like SSH URLs

I started using hugo roughly 16 hours ago and I’m trying to see if migrating from Jekyll is an option or not, so I don’t have a lot of experience with Hugo. I might be missing something obvious here. Some markdown processing is bothering me. This:

title: temp

This is a `` test of `code blocks` when they're `inlined` to see how it **breaks** all teh stuff

is something I’d expect to be rendered as:

This is a test of code blocks when they’re inlined to see how it breaks all teh stuff

Jekyll handles it, even Discourse does. Hugo on the other hand…


This isn’t my fault either. Just to sanity-check that, I made another site:

$ cd somewhere
$ hugo new site .
$ git init && git submodule add themes/ananke
$ echo 'theme = "ananke"' >> config.toml 
$ nano content/ 
$ hugo serve 

The screenshot I posted is from the newly generated site. All the config is standard - no changes that potentially break it. Also, using <code> instead of backticks does not work - the only thing that changes compared to the screenshot is that the backticks disappear. Rendering is still broken

If it matters, I’m running Hugo 0.61.0 extended on Windows, freshly downloaded yesterday.

This looks like a bug, see

You can turn off autolinking, see the linkify option in the Goldmark config section in the docs.