AWS Amplify & The Quickstart

Hi all, I’ve spent some time with the AWS Amplify install of Hugo and I can’t get the home page to actually render the Body content (that would be the 1st post). Everything else appears to work (relative linking etc), I just can’t figure out why the page content won’t automatically render like it does on the Hugo Server run on my local computer.

Is there some update I would need to do to get it to run on AWS Amplify that isn’t documented? I’m slowly reading through the various areas it may be messed up (like perhaps it’s working fine I just need to adjust a default setting when it’s installed on amplify).

Any advise would be appreciated.

Edit: While I love the features; having a boolean set to draft “true” . Is there a way to create a new page with the boolean set to false by default?

I have not tried AWS Amplify so I cannot comment except to say make sure your baseURL setting is correct, per whatever the site URL actually is, after publishing up there.

Re basic settings of posts, you can set things in archetypes including using template code:

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Does your Hugo site run on native S3?

$ amplify status

:tada: Congratulations! Your app is built, published, and hosted on Amazon S3.