Awesome Hugo

I’ve long been curating a list of Hugo resources on my website and have decided that they’d be better off in the “Awesome” ecosystem where it’s easier for others to contribute and generally more “findable.” Awesome lists have become a standard way of sharing curated information on projects.

Here is the one I created:

Right now there are 110 links plus a solid list of projects using Hugo, starters and tools, and I’ve started a “gists” list, too.

Contribution guidelines (needs improvement):

I’m happy to move this in the official Gohugoio organization, if welcome or appropriate, but certainly don’t want to imply more work for other maintainers. Just throwing that out there because this is for the community.

The list is linted against Awesome list standards and in 30 days (a requirement) I’ll submit it to the Awesome list of Awesome lists, as meta as that is.

cc @FelicianoTech


This is pretty cool. Thanks for making it @budparr. I’ll share on social media and make sure to feature this in the newsletter. :+1:

I didn’t have anything off the top of my head to contribute but I will if I think of something.

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Great work. I spread the word on Twitter using the Hugo project account.


Thanks Bud. I made a couple PRs.

By the way, if you’re trying to search your own gists, the way to do it is to put user:myuser before the search string. So I’d do:

 user:rickcogley Hugo