Automating the addition of new content

My first site build has 63 images and I want to create a page – with metadata – for each. Obvious thing is to write a script, but this begs the question, is there any existing functionality to help with this process?

Do I just have the script create documents with front matter etc, or is there a way to call hugo and feed in metadata?

How would I create the timestamp?

You can use the builder to create the content. It automatically sets the metadata including timestamp.

Yes, but is scripting the builder realistic? Or would I have to run it manually 63 times, filling in metadata instead of having it fed to hugo from another file (json, toml whatever)?

I suppose looping through all the images and calling hugo new for each would work, especially if I create an archetype first, then just tweak the files with any other data I want to add.

That was the way I was thinking about it (with an archetype). I can’t think of an easier way, but perhaps someone else could.