Quickest way to create Markdown file with front matter?

I create a lot of notes which I want to turn into blog posts. However typing the front matter and the entries for it such as date, is very time consuming. I was wondering is there a quick and easy way of generating a markdown file with front matter including the time that the file was generated???

(I use sublime text.)


hugo new does exactly what you are looking for.

Add additional meta data via archetypes

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An additional tip about the archetypes, which I abuse a lot, is that the content section is also preserved on hugo new. So if you have common outlines for such blog posts (with headlines, intro, byline, whatever), create an archetype with both the front matter and the basic outline of the content.

If you also want to speed up the process of seeing what your markdown article looks like, I would recommend MarkdownPad. It’s useful enough that I purchased a personal license for it.

Depending on how many articles you already have, it may or may not be faster than Hugo rebuilding your site every time you hit Ctrl-S.