Associate function with ranged option selects

I currently have html dropdown option selects for price calculation and I want to replace them with this hugo range dropdown option select solution:

  sizes: ["small","med","large"]
  color: ["red","blue","black"]
{{ range $variantName, $value := .Params.option }}
{{ if len $value }} <!-- check if value(array) is not empty -->

<select name="{{ $variantName }}" id="{{ $variantName }}">
  {{ range $v := $value }}
    <option value="{{ $v }}">{{ $v | humanize }}</option>
  {{ end }}

{{ end }}
{{ end }}

My current html option selects look like this:

<select class="order form-control id="select-1">
	<option value="{{ $resultItem1 }}" selected>{{ .item1 }}</option>
	<option value="{{ $resultItem2 }}">{{ .item2 }}</option>
	<option value="{{ $resultItem3 }}">{{ .item3 }}</option>
	<option value="{{ $resultItem4 }}">{{ .item4 }}</option>

But I have functions that calculate the price for each option - here is the 1st of them:

{{ $resultItem1 := 0 }}
{{ with .Params.price1 }}
   {{ $resultItem1 = printf "%.2f" (mul $.Params.margin . ) }}
{{ end }}

I would be very grateful if someone can tell me how I can range this function together with the option selects to calculate the respective price for each option and put the result into the select value="{{ }}".
Thank you!