Asciidoc/asciidoctor command customization


How can I customize parameters that is passed to asciidoctor without hacking a shell script in order give path information, use extensions etc. I have seen discussions on Github but I am not sure the solution discussed merged…

I really would like to use asciidoc to develop my site, and I have selected hugo because of its asciidoc support. Help, directions much appreciated…

I don’t think you can. Which can cause major problems. See my thread here about how Hugo Server bails out on non-fatal WARNINGs from AsciiDoctor

How do you plan to use asciidoc extentions if you need them for latex, diagrams etc?

I don’t actually need any of the AsciiDoc extensions or esoteric functionality at the moment. I just decided to move my Hugo site content from being written in markdown to asciidoc as I’m just generally using asciidoc more and markdown less these days. So it makes sense to use the same markup language for everything.

I don’t think I would have bothered, if I had realised beforehand how broken Hugo’s asciidoc support is.