Are page resources autoamtically available or do i need to list them in frontmatter?

i have a folder within ‘content’ called ‘work’, and within that, another folder called ‘project1’, and within project1 a folder called ‘images’ with some jpgs, and an file.

i just want to list all the jpgs in the images folder in

how to do this?

do i have to list page resources explicitly in frontmatter?

The resources front-matter is to set the resources metadata. See;

You don’t need that front-matter per se… just the Match call in the layout would suffice. See:

could you please share a shortcode that would list all images?

my folder structure is as mentioned above

Sorry, you need to read through the docs, try it yourself. If it still doesn’t work, share your git repo showing what you tried.

Search the docs for “image processing”.