Are page_helpful events currently working?

I am using docsy 0.10.0 and this settings:

# Comment out the next line to disable GA tracking. Also disables the feature described in [].
id = ...

Google analytics seems to work, but no page_helpful events are created. At least I do not see them. I tried creating them by clicking on the yes and no buttons. Is there anything else I need to do? Any partials that could prevent these events from being created? Or did the google analytics dashboard change?

I tried using the site with Chrome and Firefox. I can see the events in the developer tools under payload. Where do I find them in the GoogleAnalytics dashboard then? I saw it described in the docs, but it looks like the description is not up to date anymore.

This seems off-topic for this forum. I suggest you raise an issue on Stack Overflow or similar.

Unfortunately, StackOverflow cannot handle such questions.