Are hugo themes full hugo projects in itself?

[This is more out of curiosity, everything works fine so I didn’t put it in the support category]

I am creating my own theme. I noticed that the skeleton created by hugo new theme contains a hugo.toml and also some placeholder content. To be honest I am a bit surprised since I expected just a bare bones structure. Does this mean that the theme is in itself a full hugo project?

Prior to v0.118.0 the hugo new theme command created a bare bones structure. But new users struggled with that… a lot.

I just created a new site and new theme and nothing works.

So hugo new theme now creates a minimally opinionated functional theme, complete with example content.

Is a theme a “full project?” It can be. It just depends on what the theme provides.

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Thanks for the details!
Out of curiosity I’ve installed an ancient Hugo version to compare, this has been quite interesting to see the difference between the old bare bones structure and the new opinionated theme.

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